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Verita wins ‘Health and Wellness Service Provider of the Year’

On being recognised as a quality health and wellness provider: “We are seeing a growing international awareness and demand not only for regenerative and functional medicine, but also integrative personalised medicine in general. Each of us is different because of variations in genetics, environmental factors and lifestyle choices – so the “one size fits all” approach is not always optimal. Conventional medicine is quite good at addressing the symptoms of illness and disease once they occur, but it isn’t great at identifying the root cause of problems at an early stage and preventing disease,” said Julian Andriesz, founder and CEO of Verita Healthcare Group.

Current activities to note: Verita Healthcare Group offers an integrative approach to oncology care through its Verita Life clinics. Verita Life complements the three mainstream approaches of chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery by supporting the patient in areas such as medically supervised detoxification and immune system enhancement. Their specialists also offer noninvasive treatment options and guidance on diet and nutrition.

“Our programs help to minimise adverse side effects and rebuild immunity faster to improve overall outcomes and quality of life. We also have programs for patients with a high genetic predisposition to cancer and those in remission from cancer,” said Andriesz.

Verita Health offers an approach to anti-ageing combines scientific breakthroughs in biological age screening, genetics, regenerative therapies and product innovations from around the world under one roof from scientists and doctors that specialise in longevity medicine. The clinic’s approach is not about absence of disease, says Andriesz, but having optimal functionality and enhanced wellbeing via a customised program and personalised service. Verita Healthcare Group will be launching what it describes as one of the most “advanced life extension and human enhancement centres in the world” in Bangkok. The centre, to be located in the city’s iconic Mahanakhon development, is expected to open in the third quarter of this year.

Future developments and aspirations: In November 2015, Verita Healthcare Group announced it has signed an agreement with Lionstar Technologies Pte Ltd to be the authorised distributor of its breakthrough Metabolic Testing Energy Service (METS) systems in 11 countries in the Asia Pacific region. “It is one of many innovative technologies and devices that Verita Healthcare offers. ETS have developed technology, know how and associated business systems to identify, diagnose and manage human energy disorders such as obesity (energy surplus), fatigue (energy deficit) and diabetes (energy production). ETS and the parent group Lionstar Technologies Pte, have taken a standard research technology Indirect Calorimetry and developed a simple system for practitioners and retail use,” said Andriesz.

Verita Health has closed for building renovation.
A new Verita Health Bangkok centre will be reopening end of 2019