Callus care

The cause of the callus is determined, callus layers are...

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Cracked heel care

Cracks in the skin of the heel form when callused...

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Deformed nail care

Nails that are deformed or disfigured (e.g. due to impact)...

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Diabetic feet care

The feet of people who suffer from diabetes require special...

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Fungi nail care

This pain-free, non-abrasive treatment thins the nail and removes fungi...

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Gel system treatment

A specialised gel is applied to thickened, deformed and ingrown...

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Ingrown nail care

Ingrown nails are repaired without surgical intervention. The 3TO wire...

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Interim wire treatment

Through interim maintenance of the wire inserted during the wire...

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Rough skin care

Pressure distribution and friction cause rough layers to form on...

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Routine hand and feet care

Performed regularly, this treatment delivers problem-free medical and aesthetic care...

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Wire treatment

Ingrown nails are the most common problem seen in feet....

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