Abhyanga is a gentle but firm massage applied from head...

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Ayurveda, also known as ‘Science of life’, is one of...

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Bali massage

During this treatment expertly applied taps and selective stretching, targets...

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ChiNeiTsang abdominal massage

According to Eastern philosophy, the stress, tension and negative emotions...

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Indian head massage

This is an effective massage to combat tension in the...

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Marma massage

According to Ayurveda teachings, Marma points are similar to meridian...

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The Japanese words ‘shi' and 'atsu' mean 'finger' and 'touch'...

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After a head, neck and shoulder massage, warm natural oil...

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An effective combination of Abhyanga and Shirodhara therapies, it increases...

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Thai massage

Also known as 'passive yoga' or 'moving meditation', this massage...

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Traditional 4 hands Bali massage

A truly unique experience, this type of massage is performed...

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