Anti-stress massage

Applied slowly and rhythmically, this expertly performed massage relaxes muscles...

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Aroma therapy

Based on ancient Chinese, Egyptian and Indian cures, this treatment...

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Back massage

Applied to different areas of the body, such as the...

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Foot reflexology

This therapy involves applying pressure to the foot to relieve...

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Head and face massage

This unique massage, performed with aromatic essential plant oils, is...

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Sport massage

One of our popular collagen tissue massages, this massage is...

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A successful health and wellness intervention that creates visible progress and lasting, noticeable results, is not a leap in the dark. It is a comprehensive, well-planned journey that starts with knowing where you want to be, and exactly what needs to be done to get you there, and we’ve mapped the way.

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Verita Health has closed for building renovation.
A new Verita Health Bangkok centre will be reopening end of 2019