Our clients can reap the benefits of the latest medical breakthroughs, secure in the knowledge that we have meticulously vetted all our products, equipment and treatments and have selected only those that deliver demonstrable, trusted results.

Because we know that successful results depend on a correct diagnosis, we have invested in some of the most advanced diagnostic and screening tools available.

These include proprietary products like the Verita Index of Biological Age (VIBA) test, which measures true biological age on a genetic level and can demonstrate and guide improvements over time.

We also develop and offer novel medication delivery methods, such as single injection, bio-identical hormone therapies, slow releasing over 6 months, and pharmaceutical grade peptides that enhance weight loss, immunity and muscle growth.

We offer personalised supplementation and compounding, and exclusive IV vitamin drips, developed to ensure bio-availability.

Verita Health has closed for building renovation.
A new Verita Health Bangkok centre will be reopening end of 2019