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Latest personalized preventive and anti-aging healthcare experience

Integrative medicine is a modern mechanism that can offer solutions for a large variety of medical needs required by individuals. Utilizing a screening test that helps to craft a personalized healthcare program, paired with world-class medical expertise and techniques, this method has become one of the most effective healthcare treatment approaches available.

In order to offer this level of medical care, Verita Health MahaNakhon has launched its services in Thailand, presenting the most innovative integrative medicine systems and latest medical treatments and service technology available.

Verita Health Mahanakhon is well-positioned to meet the growing demand from sophisticated Thai consumers for the latest personalized healthcare and preventative medicine. We offer fast and effective ‘pick-me-up’ boosters for clients with busy schedules, as well as cutting-edge therapies and services that range from biological age and genetic profiling, right through to regenerative and functional therapies.  We also plan on further expansion in Thailand,” says Mr. Julian Andriesz, Founder and CEO of Verita Healthcare Group.

“The most effective integrative medical treatment requires a deeper level of DNA screening testing. This allows us to proactively design customized treatment programs in response to individual needs,” says Dr. Kampol Poophawatanakij, Naturopathic Doctor, Verita Health MahaNakhon.

“The most effective integrative medical treatment requires a deeper level of DNA screening testing”

As an example, biological age indicates whether individual’s true age differs from chronological age. Inappropriate lifestyle practices, stress, environment, and diet, means that cells cannot efficiently regenerate themselves, resulting in not only an aged appearance but also chronic diseases. One of the exclusive healthcare services available at Verita Health MahaNakhon is ‘the Verita Index of Biological Age (VIBA) test,’ the world’s most advanced biological age screening system. VIBA was developed in collaboration with leading scientists at the University of Vienna, Austria, who specialize in the study of human aging. It is a fast and non-invasive screening process that is able to compare various cellular aging markers such as Telomere length, DNA stability, inflammation and other epigenetic information against a representative database to benchmark true ‘biological age’ against ‘chronological age.’

Another modern-day health issue that Verita Health MahaNakorn seeks to address is intestinal plaque, which refers to food residue which gradually coats the intestinal wall and cannot be cleansed naturally. Colon-Hydrotherapy is a way to wash away intestinal plaque with natural water pressure which helps with the alimentary system, while additionally contributing to an improved complexion, digestion and immune system. Colon-Hydrotherapy is also one of the most effective ways to treat cancer. By eliminating waste matter out of patient’s body, cancer will have less room to grow. The appropriate frequency to receive Colon-Hydrotherapy treatment is determined by the VIBA test and professional counsel by the Verita Health MahaNakhon medical team.

Vitamin means ‘necessary to human’ and they can be absorbed through the digestive system, such as stomach or intestines. However, this natural absorption process may not fully deliver vitamins to your body. To assist this, Verita Health MahaNakhon offers customized IV drips and booster shots services, which provides faster ways for your body to directly absorb vitamins and minerals through the veins. Through these quick medically administered boosts, clients can experience immediate improvement such as improved mental clarity and energy levels.

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A new Verita Health Bangkok centre will be reopening end of 2019