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Importance of Anti-Ageing Medicine and Therapy

In today’s society, there are doubts that Anti-Ageing Medicine might be a fad. However, there are reasonable factors that prove otherwise. Globally, people are becoming more aware of the Anti-Ageing industry. More and more people with degrees in medicine have opted to pursue a career in Anti-Ageing Medicine thus facilitating growth in the industry.

According to Prof Dr Bernd Kleine-Gunk, respected member of the Verita Medical and Scientific Advisory Board, “biological ageing” plays an important role in every terminal disease. In order to cure a person from any disease, biological ageing has to be treated first.
People normally have the misconception that every Anti-Ageing clinic provides the same treatment methods. They often expect themselves to get plenty of pills in their prescriptions. They are wrong. To Dr Kleine-Gunk, the first and most important thing is his patients’ lifestyles.
“For instance, exercise doesn’t come in a pill and you have to regularly do your workout”, said Dr Kleine-Gunk.

To be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle, limitation of calories is crucial. Dr Kleine-Gunk pointed out an example of Japanese people in Okinawa. For a long time, they have been well-known for being a group of people with long lifespans and diets involving calorie limitation is part of their lives.

The Hormone Replacement Therapy (or HRT), which has been widely mentioned, is also within the Anti-Ageing treatment process. It includes oestrogen, testosterone, DHEA, melatonin and growth hormone.
“Anti-Ageing Medicine uses HRT in the right way through personalised dosage of bio-identical hormones”, described Dr Kleine-Gunk.
He then talks about the case study by researchers from Harvard and Stanford University called “vampire therapy”, in which they injected young mice’s blood into old mice. The old mice got stronger and could do things they could not before the injection.

Following the productive result, they had done another progressive research by giving older mice “human plasma from umbilical cords”, and are currently looking to determine the proteins that can be used as part of the Anti-Ageing Medicine.
Regardless of not knowing the outcome, blood transfusion is turning into a money-making business, especially in Monterey, California. People are charged up to US$8,000 per person to be part of the blood transfusion test.

Powerful companies like Google have also become one of the main contestants within this industry. They have established a company called Calico (or California Life Company). Its existence is to do research in order to discover the biological ageing process and how to control a person’s lifespan.

Verita Health in Mahanakhon, Bangkok specialises in Anti-Ageing Medicine and Therapy through next generation innovative technology which is unique and personalised. The treatments here are derived from an integrative approach which is a big facet in the future of Anti-Ageing Healthcare.

Source: Bangkok Post

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