Health is about more than the absence of disease. It’s about confidence, vigour and accomplishment – about being able to live your best life. Conventional medicine’s quest for longevity is a noble one, but it’s not enough. It fights disease, but fails to address quality of life.

Verita Health is different. We combine the best and latest mainstream technologies and intelligent innovations with a personalised, preventative and integrated approach. This enables us to offer next-generation customised healthcare, biological age reduction and aesthetic treatments to help you achieve health in the fullest sense.

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This is why we’re different

Our point of difference

This is why we’re different

We know that health is about more than the absence of disease and prolonging life. It’s about confidence, vigour and accomplishment – about being able to live your best life.

To strive for health in the fullest sense, looking beyond the accepted paradigm of disease-focused healthcare to find better ways of overcoming the restrictions set by genetic variation, advancing age or ill health.

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Our screenings and treatments

Achieve peak health

We offer a range of single screenings and treatments, as well as personalised treatment plans most suited to your current health, goals and lifestyle. We will help you achieve measurable results you can feel and see.

Discover our screenings and treatments

Our clinics

The future of healthcare

Our award-winning clinics embody our progressive approach to healthcare. When you step into a Verita Health clinic, you step into a world where each element is carefully designed to support you along your journey to peak health, wellness and longevity.

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VerIta RapIde

Bring your body
back into balance

Because we know life is busy and time is precious, our extensive
range of fast and effective therapies offers immediate relief.

Our IV infusions are quick, clever and convenient pick-me-ups, delivering vitamins, nutrients and hydration to refresh your appearance and boost your performance. Or target specific concerns such as such as weight-loss and energy levels with our proprietary booster shots.

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Verita Health has closed for building renovation.
A new Verita Health Bangkok centre will be reopening end of 2019